Sky High Hope Camp / Woodland Park, Colorado / August 6-12, 2000

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Located at Sky High Ranch near Woodland Park, Colorado, Sky High Hope Camp is a one week summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings. At an elevation of about 8500 feet, this 880 acre wooded mountain area near the famous Pikes Peak is about 30 miles west of Colorado Springs in the Pike National Forest. The rustic facilities at Sky High Hope Camp include cabins, platform tent living sites, and infirmary, a lodge with a kitchen and dining room and a camp store. The campers participate in and have use of our ropes course, equestrian center, cookout area, nature studies, lake waterfront for canoeing and fishing, arts and crafts hut, and volleyball and archery areas, special events at camp bring fun and educational wild life and mountain programs to the camp from the surrounding communities. Sky High Hope Camp logo

campers The Camp Staff are volunteers from many walks of life who have been specially selected for their interests, professional credentials, ability to work with children in the out-of-doors, and their skills in program areas. They are trained in the special needs of children who have cancer and their siblings. Sky High, this group will go camping and boating for 2 to 3 days at a nearby reservoir. Hope Camp's director has had many years of camp counseling and directing experience and is a practicing pediatric oncology nurse. A physician and nurse are on site and have the ability to provide needed medical care and administer medications, including chemotherapy.

At Sky High Hope Camp, physical changes such as limb loss, weight alterations, hair loss or the experience of having a sibling with cancer are not perceived as different by other campers or staff. The variety of programs available to the campers give them the opportunity to build social skills, forge friendships, and just be a regular kid having fun while experiencing summer camp activities in a safe environment. Campers are grouped by age, experience and interests. Canoeing at Camp

archery The camp is a project of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver, Inc. and is supported by private and corporate donations and camper fees. Camperships are made available for campers whose families cannot afford the extra financial commitment. Further questions may be addressed to the director of the Ronald McDonald House.
Explorers (Campers 8-10 yrs.) and Adventurers (Campers 11-13 yrs.) spend the week at the ranch enjoying the many activities offered.
Outpost (Teens 14-16 yrs.) Campers will take a 2-3 day off premises backpack trip to the surrounding Colorado mountain area. Vigorous activity with outdoor living skills and safety will be emphasized.
Nomads (Teens 14-16 yrs.) In addition to the offerings of camp facilities, this group will travel to local areas of interest and participate in a raft trip (water conditions and availability permitting).
Wayfarers (Teens 14-16 yrs.) In addition to offerings of camp facilities, this group will go camping and boating for 2 to 3 days at a nearby reservoir.
Junior Counselor (17 yrs. only) For those who aim to be future leaders of adventures and expeditions as camp counselors, this week is for training and hands-on-experience. Like the senior staff, acceptance is based on an application and interview process.

You can make a difference in a child's life next summer. Help us give a child with cancer the chance to be a kid first and a patient second. Give a child the opportunity to spend a week at Woodland Park hiking and swimming and bunking with other kids. Lasting friendships and lifetime memories are made and you can be a part of it all. A $350.00 donation "adopts a camper" and lets us provide an exciting experience for more than 100 children. Please send your check made payable to Sky High Hope Camp to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver at the address below. Thank You.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver, Inc.
1000 East 16th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218 USA

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